A DREAMWHEEL is a form of intuitive collage… very much like a visionboard- a tool for manifesting or simply honoring visions that’s been around for centuries- but round like a mandala– the most universal symbol there is of wholeness, cycles, and interconnectedness.   An accurate reflection of our deepest longings and our flight-of-fancy visions, the dreamwheel engages us in a tango between our inner and outer worlds…  first drawing us to our center,  a well of peace, hope, dreams, imagination, and curiosity unique to our own spirit… and then inviting us to gently expand from this place, so that day to day, we are able to live the fullest expression of who we are.


Creating dreamwheels in a circle of other soulful women is a powerful experience, giving us the opportunity to tap into the collective wisdom of the group and supporting us in taking creative risks.  

This year, I have decided to do Dreamwheels virtually!  It began on the Winter Solstice, at which time, I began a free, worldwide Dreamwheel Circle… and what began as a beautiful online ritual to honor the changing of the seasons has transformed into a strong community of support, insight, and profound sharing–  with women from all over the planet! While I encourage everyone there to create Dreamwheels whenever they are called to (some are even attempting to make one every month on the full moon), our next virtual community dreamwheelin’ adventure will be on the Autumn Equinox, Wednesday, September 23rd.  If you’d like to join us, please head over to our Facebook group page HERE, and request to be a member. You are welcome to join us at any time!

If you are unable to join me in person or online, I invite you to download my (free) ebook,  The Flight of Fancy Dreamwheel Manual, for detailed instructions on how to make dreamwheels a regular practice in your life.  And please let me know how it goes!

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