"Elements of Grace"       by Lisa J. Rough

"Elements of Grace" by Lisa J. Rough

It’s time.

It’s time to feel your own worth. Your own STRENGTH.

Your own sassy prowess come to life.

As women, we huddle too often in caves of mediocrity and not enoughness.
We duck or shy away when someone compliments us.
We shrink away from our gifts in order to ease the rest of the world.
We take our needs for granted so that we don’t wind up making a fuss.
We dim our glow for fear that no one will “get” us.

The thing is, you can no longer afford to make such unadventurous moves.  You can no longer allow yourself to be tumbled down to a mere pebble.

It’s time to DANCE, unclench your jaw and holler, create a great, big hubabaloo.

It’s time to swing those hips, bow to your ferocious heart, and dare to allow your voice to be heard.

It’s time to shine.

Others might ask who you think you are to shake things up or move things about… to which I reply, who are you not to?

They may wonder why you’d risk being so boldly selfish…  to which I reply, why would you not honor yourself in such unencumbered, wild ways?

You must engage with your own COURAGE, your orneriness, your willingness to bring your whole self to the table.
Even the parts of you that want to run for the hills or lay hidden beneath layers of self-neglect.
Bring it.
Even the withered and wrinkled visions of days gone by.
Bring it.
Even the stretchmarks, the sagging boobs, the scars, the falling apart, the identity crisis.
Bring it.
And what about that part of you that knows what you’re capable of, even though you’re not often willing to say it outloud?
Yea, bring it too.

You will undoubtedly be misunderstood, rejected, made a fool, fall exhausted to the ground with an overflowing bucket of failed expectations.
But each time you encounter these challenges, you cross a threshold into greater possibility.

You prove to yourself that perfection doesn’t hold you captive, that what was once seen as a jumbled mess is now a clever and resilient seed ready to break open and reveal something amazing.

You find yourself surrounded by a TRIBE who sees you for the spark of energy and light and magic that you are.

You realize, YES, I can do this, because there is simply no turning back.

It’s time.

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