may I trust in the mystery I am a part of…

Lately, my blog has been pretty quiet….  I’ve been quiet…

There is whole lot going on in my life right now– from flu bugs and strep throat to open houses, from paintings sold to new transmissions, from one Wild Woman circle coming to a close to others just forming, from wrapping my mind around my 24-year-old niece having stage IV breast cancer to the building tension of the election finally coming to an end.

Life is intrinsically bittersweet, isn’t it?  In order for me to stay engaged in and yet not defined or paralyzed by it all, I’ve noticed the need to grasp every moment in between and get centered down into the nitty gritty of who I am…

the still and watery places

in between

each thought,

each emotion,

each burst of energy,

each subtle nuance.

May I trust in the mystery I am a part of…

I’ve been reminding myself to stay positive.  I’m sensing more and more, however, that there’s a flow of collective cycles and circumstances touching us all that are beyond what we can possibly overlook or trade in for optimism.

[…when I think about this, I imagine all of the universal archetypes having a dance party around and within our souls…]

It doesn’t mean we give up and cave into our fear (of course, we’re all tempted to do just that from time to time)…

Nor does it mean we bend ourselves into all sorts of twists and knots in an effort to control everything (believe me, I’ve tried)…

What it does mean is that we give ourselves permission to feel what we feel, honor the breadth of our existence, recognize that we are simple yet complicated creatures doing the best that we can.    It means that we tap into circles and communities that remind us that we’re never ever alone and that we’re all a part of this great big shindig, waltzing with the shero and tango-ing with the shadow.  

It means that we choose hope, again and again and again and again, and that we dare to splash our visions onto a wide open canvas, regardless of how it all might look in the end.   It means that every time we feel a tinge of doubt or cynicism, that we wrap ourselves in a cloak of love and patience and compassion for our humanness.  

May I trust in the mystery I am a part of…

We all house that place of stillness within us that we return to over and over as we swing from uncertainty to surrender.   To wake up to the enormity of this is a gift…   

Today, even if for just a moment, let’s allow ourselves

to dig into it,

invest in it,

savor it.  


  1. Compassion for our humanness. Forgiveness for our humanness. Love and patience.

    I’m wrapping myself in that cloak every day, as I move through this latest mystery. Thank you so much for reminding me that I’m not alone, and for sharing your beautiful truth. And that lovely painting!

    Love and light,

  2. Lisa says:

    Thank YOU for visiting, Sue, and letting me know you are connected to this as well. Moving with mystery…. xoxo, Lisa

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