holiday hiatus

I have my hands quite full right now, between circles ending and circles beginning, holiday happenin’s and decluttering urges, battling flu season and winter break starting in only a few days time…  and with so much going on, I’ve chosen to step away from the computer a bit during the next couple of weeks, as so much of this requires LIVING and BREATHING and DEEP PRESENCE.  But I wanted to share a little something with you before I go…  something from my heart to yours…  in celebration of the magical threads between us.

Here it is…  and you can download your very own copy(s) HERE.  Plaster it all over the house if you have to, even if the relatives think you’ve lost your marbles…  clip it to your rearview mirror or put it under your pillow… stick it in someone’s stocking, or leave one in between boxes of cereal at the grocery store…  

I wish you a blessed holiday season.  I’ll see you on the other side!


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  1. Carol Cole Czeczot says:

    What a great idea! — and so generous of you to take time to put it together and share it. Just be sure you give one to yourself. : )

    Thank you, Lisa!

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