The Joy of Truth


It truly is about knowing the freedom inside – the freedom to understand…

Are you free to understand or are you a slave of other people’s ideas that prohibit you from understanding anything else ?

Because if you’re not free to understand, you’re not free.

Are you free ?

Are you part of a fairy tale, a story that doesn’t exist ?

Or are you part of a story about your time and your life

in which there is no limit to appreciation ?”

-Prem Rawat

I was a little nervous starting off this week of Truth in The Next Chapter Book Club as we move into Chapter 2 of The Joy Diet by Martha Beck.  I see myself as a pretty self-aware person, but I’ve been moving forward at such a fast clip lately that I wasn’t sure if perhaps I had buried a few things in the sand along the way… 

And sure enough…

When pondering the power of our thoughts, I was reminded of pinwheels, you know the kind we played with as kids…  they either churn via the force of the breeze floating through the air or via our own breath.  Similarly, we can let our thoughts be ruled by what’s happening around us (what other people think, what we’ve learned and stored within us throughout the years, what we see on the news, etc.) or we can use our innate ability to reverse the direction of our thoughts using our own sense of wisdom and truth.

As someone who has read Bryon Katie and revisits Brooke Castillo’s work quite often, I found that it was wonderful to be reminded that I can rewrite my stories…  that it’s about what I know right now, in this moment. 

The truth is NOW.

All we can be absolutely sure of is this very moment. 

Not yesterday.

And not tomorrow.

Not even five minutes from now.

And while I may not be able to change what happens in an hour, I do have the ability to choose how I want to respond to this moment.  Tuning into this grounds me in truth.   It makes me aware of how I belittle myself, how I set myself up for failure, and gives me the opportunity to banish that bothersome negative self-talk. It fills my heart with gratitude for what I have and who I am, and encourages me to honor the sparkling potential of my spirit… 

For each moment is an open book, and while the next page is a mystery, we can choose to proceed with caution, expecting the worst, or we can choose to proceed with oomph, expecting an adventure.

Won’t you join us for the next chapter in Desire?  Should be juicy!

(If you’d like to try creating a “dreamwheel” like the one pictured above, check out my free ebook “The Flight of Fancy Dreamwheel Manual…”  at the upper right hand corner of this page…   It’s a fun and interesting way to set your dreams into motion!)


  1. LaWendula says:

    What a wonderful image, the circle! I really like it- that’s the truth- haha!
    “Truth is now” is a great sentence. I will keep that in mind! 🙂

  2. Linnea says:

    I love the wheel (especially the owl’s eye. Go figure). I like the way you tie truth in with being mindful of the present moment. That’s a valid point; the only thing we know is true is what we’re thinking/feeling/doing in the now. We can’t predict the future and we all tend to rewrite the past. Thanks for giving me food for thought today!

  3. I love your dreamwheel!! What a wonderful way to graphically illustrate the concept of what Truth means to you! I haven’t done an image yet about Truth but that definitely gives me ideas! Thanks for sharing that!!! I am signing up for your ebook! Can’t wait to read it!

  4. Jan says:

    I love the mandala (pinwheel) you created above. What you say is so true. If we do not have the interior freedom to be who we REALLY are, how in the world do we live? In a prison of our own making; with pain; with constant disappointment in ourselves and the world. We DO have the power to choose in this moment and in the next and the next. Life is a series of choices, one after the other. I am so happy to hear your awakened heart speaking loudly! Blessings…

  5. leah says:

    amazing how those truths can hide away like that until we dig a little deeper!

    love the dreamwheel, lisa!

  6. Ginny says:

    I love the idea that although I cannot predict with certainty the future; I can choose to fully enjoy and embrace the present moment. What an exciting way to live life!

  7. Ana says:


    Your mandala wheel is a positive reflection of what the truth brings, when we connect ourselfs inwardly.

    This is definetly the moment for truth – now

    Light and love to you here, and on all that you do on this beautiful website.

    Kind Regards

  8. GraceGal says:

    I, too, like your dreamwheel. The word UNBLOCKED jumoed off the page at me. HMMM. Interesting.

  9. lisa says:

    totally swooning over your wheel! and the pinwheel metaphor is dead-on.

  10. Ellecubed says:

    I love the wheel that you created. Thank you so much for sharing the way that you approached your truth.

  11. I love the wheel too.

  12. Glad says:

    The pinwheel — we can create the motion with our breath, or rely on the wind to spin it. I love this metaphor!!!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on truth.

  13. Grammy says:

    You are very wise. Thank you for your comment. I feel better now knowing. This chapter was not for me at this time as I have delt with the past and I live in the moment too. So there is no need to analyze. I have been living in the moment of truth for awhile. Thank you for helping me realize I shoud just let this chapter go. I do not need it.
    You are awesome.

  14. karen says:

    I love the wheel vision card, it is very striking. Thanks for sharing your week of truth.

  15. Yes, each moment is an open book!!!!!! Beautiful image you created! Here’s to Truth in the moment. And to juicy Desire 🙂 miracles, k-

  16. I love your writing and artwork. Thank you for your words they made me feel so much better…

  17. Genie Sea says:

    First of all, I love your vision card! The colors are so vibrant and the images so powerful! Just like your words. Living mindfully, is truly living truthfully. Stellar! 🙂

  18. Jessie says:

    Oh wow! Excellent post and beautiful collage. Reading your post was like having words to a few more thoughts that I did not have time to address in my own post. I love that…the way our thoughts build and grow and expand on each others.

    This was good. Very, very good. 😉

  19. gemma says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Love your words and art.
    Now I am in this moment commenting to you…

  20. Jackie says:

    I can always count on you to give me something to think about 🙂 wonderful post>

  21. Love the wheel! I agree with you completely about living in the now – not always easy to do but so worthwhile – thanks for the reminder!

    Sparkly Blessings,
    Kathy C.

  22. What jumped out at me from your mandala was trust – Sherry had used that in hers, too, and it seems to be gathering power in its repeated use. And I find your use of the pinwheel helpful to distinguish how the power can come from without or within. Great image!

  23. Pink Heels says:

    Very well stated. It is so easy to get caught up in moments from the past and the future. However, when we do this, we neglect the present. And, in my humble opinion, the present is the most important moment! Beautiful words and beautiful wheel.

  24. Hello Lisa,
    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such positive words.
    Your post was so well written, it resonated with me so much, it really made sense, that the truth is NOW. How true!
    Thank you for sharing such an uplifting post, Angie:)

  25. Fatma Zaidi says:

    Wonderful dreamwheel! We are definitely able to stay back or move forward expecting an adventure. On of my favorite mantras is: Life is an Adventure and the Universe is always on my side.

  26. Silky Hart says:

    I absolutely love your dreamwheel! I’m so with you on the power of the present!

  27. Girasole says:

    Beautiful. Love the dreamwheel art. Awareness and being present is so key. Yes to rewriting our stories at any moment and some oomph & adventure this week. 🙂

  28. The pinwheel is a great visual — it is a playful image paired with the movement that can leave us feeling dizzy with the goings on in life. Your artwork and questions make this chapter more accessible. Many thanks!

  29. Lisa says:

    Wow, this week was juicy, that’s for sure! Thank you, all of my creative friends, for commenting and sharing your experiences with truth! I’m looking forward to our adventures in desire!

  30. christa says:

    I also love the dreamwheel you created. I am especially drawn to the words trust and observe. I have found in the last few days, as i stand up for my truth, that I find myself doubting. I need to trust. Thanks for that reminder. And then observe. It reminds me to step back and just be. Beautiful words.

  31. Sharmila II says:

    This is beautiful, Lisa! 😉 thanks, Jen

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