Reflections of the Sky

Please welcome a guest to my blog today…  my dear friend, Joy, from Unfolding Your Path To Joy visits us with her unique and beautiful perspective on life!   I can’t remember where it was she and I first connected, but it was somewhere out there in the ethers of blogland…  and I’m so grateful to have her inspiring presence in my life!  Thank you, Joy, for sharing with me and my readers this sweet glimpse of your amazing life!

Drumroll, please…..

I live on a sailboat docked in a slip in a beautiful marina in So Ca.  When I stand on the dock, I see the harbor water leading to the expanse of ocean, I see majestic hills that I enjoy hiking in, I see the sky stretched like the Universe canvas’–always changing, yet so beautiful because of the changes..

I love watching the sky.  There is so much to learn from it.  I love the bright, sunny days when the sky is blue, not a cloud in sight.  The sun is brilliant, sending its rays to warm my skin, to glisten off of the harbor water.  I love cloudy days–watching the ‘clouds roll in’ covering the canvas of sky. I know that the sun is there even if I cannot feel its warmth or see its rays touch anything.  I love all of the beauty of the sky..the night sky with the moon sending its moonbeams through my hatch as I sleep, the stars shining brightly.  Some nights so cloudy that all around me is black.  And in my harbor we have “June gloom”–a heavy fog rolls in around sunrise and settles down until late afternoon.  It lifts as quickly as it settled in, and all is bright and sunny again.  We also have some huge electrical storms..lightening slices through the sky..thunder rolls…Some days I hear that there are water spouts out in the ocean..I try to stay away from those (*grin ocean/land, I think I prefer water spoutless days)…

I find the sky fascinating well– one because I know it’s been created by a Force so huge that I cannot fathom it..and two, because it is always there yet ever me a huge parallel to my life.  All throughout the day, when I look at the sky,  the changes actually comfort me because I can tell from the position of the sun–and later the moon–the progression of the day…All is well…The changes are familiar to me yet– as in the case of storms– sometimes unexpected.  I choose to celebrate the beauty of the sky each and every time..Living on the boat I call the sky ‘my ceiling’…so in that sense then, I choose to celebrate the beauty of my home…

As I look at the sky, I am making a choice…just as when I look at life.  My perspective affects my thoughts, words, actions.  I believe that what I focus on grows, so then in my life my perspective is affects the direction of my life, the paths I choose to take, the progression of my day…My perspective is my choice…I choose to celebrate the good in everything.  If that sounds “pollyannaish” then I do apologize, but it is a reality for me; exactly how I choose to live.  I may find that the sun is not shining on a day I really wanted it to, or that the wind is still on a day I wanted to sail..or any number of potential disappointments..I choose to incorporate the external into my internal…So, if the sun is not shining I may choose to celebrate the clouds and the opportunity to perform tasks I wouldn’t have had I been out playing–which then leaves open space for something marvelous to fill.  I call this concept unfolding..instead of resisting external circumstances as they are presented to me, I allow them to guide me along my path.  So, if the wind is still, I may choose to curse the wind for not co-operating, or I may choose to enjoy another opportunity I would otherwise not have had.  In all cases, it is my choice to embrace the moment as it is with what I’ve been given; I may not change the external conditions, but when I choose to embrace it I allow my heart to remain open to infinite possibility.

In my personal life, when I allow my heart to remain open, then beauty, joy, delight, wonder swoop in.  I choose to accept those gifts.  I choose to then use that energy to share with others from a well of abundance and peace, to create within my own life, to parent joyfully, to live fully.  Because I believe that what I focus on grows, then when faced with a choice to celebrate or moan..I choose celebrate..and the interesting fact is that each celebration leads to the next, so I may look back upon a full day and find it was full of Divine, not void of anything at all.  If I choose to focus on lack of, instead of abundance in…then lack of grows and I truly do not want to live such a small, stress filled life.

I am not saying that less than positive does not exist..I am saying that when faced with less than positive, it is my choice what to do with it.  In today’s society, we are often bombarded with less than positive within a in and day out that truly adds up and can zap one’s Spirit.  In my own life, I’ve chosen to limit the opportunity for less than positive to be one example I do not have TV, nor do I watch, listen to, or read the news.  As a member of this community on Earth, I should be and am fully Aware of local and global events, yet I am not bombarded with endless details of less than positive surrounding them because I choose to limit the access. My life has been sprinkled with experiences that have been extremely less than positive..yet in each and every situation I choose to find and celebrate the good.  I do not have control over external events, but my internal control setting on Love allows me to direct the way those events affect my life.

In closing, I have two young children.  There are natural stages of growth where one is overcome with transition/change..there are times of confusion, doubt, frustration, discouragement, pain, hormonal overload…I understand all of the external.  What my heart wants for my children is to experience life fully, to tap into life’s abundance, to recognize that they are surrounded by Love, Joy, Beauty, Peace and can choose to celebrate those gifts at any moment, regardless of external circumstances…My ten year old daughter has quite the spirit and when in the throes of emotion or in the depths of a situation that is less than favorable for her…before I can even acknowledge her… she will sometimes look at me and say “Yes, Mom, I know I can turn it around, but for this moment I choose not to..”

Much peace,



  1. Liara Covert says:

    Something about connecting more deeply with nature allows one to reconnect with timeless, renewing parts of inner self. Where something one feels is based on experience, one cannot refute it. Doubt does not even arise. The deepest truth can only ever be felt.

  2. Joy,
    It’s so fun to see you here and I agree whole heartedly…our perception is our choice. Our freedom comes from “choosing again” when life isn’t working for us. xo

  3. Joy says:

    Hi Liara,
    Thank you! I love this: “The deepest truth can only ever be felt”…I find within my own life as i open my heart even farther, I “Know” Truths are that which I “Know”…and that is an amazing foundation to buld upon!

    Hi Tess,
    Thank you! Glad to see you here as well..i love Lisa…you nailed it with ‘freedom’ perspective allows me great freedom to experience life as it is presented..freedom allows my heart to soar..

    Much peace,

  4. Choice is an amazing thing – as is the ability to change our perception. I want the same things for my daughter. She, and I, might go through the rough patches, but I want her to know, as I do, that we can choose to see it differently or approach it differently.
    Your home sounds amazing as does your backyard!

  5. Joy says:

    The Exception,
    So glad to see you here!
    You are giving yoru daughter a precious gift..the gift of Awareness..she may choose to see Beauty, Joy, Love, Peace..all that is golden..and you have guided her to Awareness of that.. My home and my backyard *are* amazing..I choose to revel in the peace and beauty of it all…and my heart is full of praise..I hope that many feel the same about their home..

  6. Ahhhhh, long live Pollyanna in all our hearts!

    I think I’ll post this, then go say hello to the sky.

    And perceive all the sweet joy I am lucky enough to live.

    And guess what, JoyChristin? It’s YOUR link button atop my sidebar today!! I made the button before I even knew you wrote this post and it says “Golden Unfoldings”. That’s some cosmic synchronicity for sure!

    And thanks, Lisa for hosting!


  7. Paige says:

    sometimes when I squint my eyes just right I see that everything is just right

    nice post, thanks for pointing me over here

  8. Wilma Ham says:

    Hi Joy, I love your eloquent words which say so much, “My perspective is my choice…I choose to celebrate the good in everything. If that sounds “pollyannaish” then I do apologize, but it is a reality for me; exactly how I choose to live. I may find that the sun is not shining on a day I really wanted it to, or that the wind is still on a day I wanted to sail..or any number of potential disappointments..I choose to incorporate the external into my internal…”
    No, you are never pollyannaish, you are a creator of an awesome life. Much love, Wilma

  9. Joy says:

    Hi Jannie,
    Thank you!
    Pollyanna Moonbeam shall be my new name..:)
    I love the button/link..golden indeed…
    Please say hello to the sky..too often many spend so much time cursing it…

    Hi Paige,
    Lisa’s site is one of creativity and insight..I hope you enjoy it:)
    Sometimes when I allow my eyes to be wide open I am amazed at all I See…

    Hi Wilma,
    “Creator of an awesome life”…mmm…I like that..I actually think the awesome life is already mine, I just now have the ability to See it, experience it..Live it…

    Much peace,

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