life is not fair

Welcome to the GREAT BIG SUMMERTIME BLOG HULLABALOO, an intimate and sometimes vulnerable celebration of the human spirit.  I like to imagine us all sitting in a circle together, perhaps around a crackling fire….  bearing witness to one another’s stories that display such breadth of courage, tenacity, and hope.  It’s not too late to grab a seat and share your story (or art, love letter, bucket list, etc.)–  there’s nothing else I would love more!  For all of the nitty gritty, please read THIS…  for we have so very much to learn from one another.

I don’t even know how I first connected to Karen Caterson.  I do know, however, that I’ve always felt drawn to her, drawn to her writing, drawn to her website, Square Peg People (how could one NOT be drawn to it with a name like that?).  And now I know, more than ever before, that she is someone I’d like to sit down to tea with.  Sometimes I feel as though I’m supposed to look for the positive in everything…  which honestly, if you have to look that hard for it, kinda defeats the purpose.  Sometimes, circumstances around us and within us just suck.  And the very real vulnerable truth is that life isn’t always fair to us.  I love though, how this sometimes brutal lightening bolt of truth pulls us together.  I love how we can dance with one another in our fragility, and know that we’re never, never alone.  Thank you, Karen, for this precious reminder of what brings us closer.  


About Karen:  I’m Chief Encourager and Square-Peg Advocate at Square-Peg People (, where I write about celebrating your uniqueness and focusing on what’s right with you (not what’s wrong with you!).


  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you soooo much, Karen, for being here with me…. I love what you’ve shared here. While listening to you speak so very candidly, I felt moved– I could feel those awakening moments I’ve had that life wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but in these moments of unfairness and challenge, we see things, and one another, differently. We share in broken hearts that allow us to see the light within each of us shining from within the cracks. And yes, tea it will be, one day! xoxo

  2. Love the naked, transparency of your vlog, Karen!!! I deeply appreciate your openness. You expressed yourself in such a way that I totally could relate to; been there, done that and now I am carving my niche in a field where I can help others reconnect with spirit and the world.

    Yes, I concur, life is not always joyful and easy; but, would I truly want it to be. It is these contrasts in our lives that not only gives us the opportunity to learn and grow, but also to appreciate those precious times when everything is grand or simply steady and even. And, as you stated, Karen, when we are vulnerable and naked to others, it brings us closer to people and to life. Thank you! ♥

  3. Jennifer says:

    Oh..thank you Karen!! I think I’m in the middle of an awakening myself it seems – not large shattering moments but little cracks that keep occuring one on top of the other (on top of other larger cracks), etc until I can bring it closer to the surface and I don’t spend so much time in the “If things are wrong, then I am wrong.” (You said it all so well.)

    I had to laugh at your glasses comment. I’ve needed them since age 10 but went to contacts when I was 14. I swing back every now and then to glasses and I notice it is when I am tired and want to keep the world out and away from me. For awhile I thought about going back to glasses but realized it was just a way to hide myself from the world…which isn’t healthy and I’ve gotten so used to contacts…

    Thank you for such a beautiful video!

  4. Kim Mailhot says:

    Thank you, Karen, for sharing this story with us.
    As someone who struggles with the idea that I am to blame for the bad things in my life, or the lack of “good” things, I related a lot to your story. Learning to start with what is right about me, my life, this world, is what has given me comfort, a purpose, and a way to live a juicy life in spite of the unfairness, the chaos and the bittersweet quality that this human life holds for all of us.
    Thank you for what you bring to the world.

  5. jzr says:

    Karen, Thanks for your heartfelt video. I’ve been there too, and by sharing our stories, we inspire others. Life is very unfair sometimes and the only way to make it better is to share what works.

  6. Karen, I simply adore you! You are so darn sincere and open-hearted.

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