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My next guest is someone I’ve connected with through a writing workshop we’re taking together…  while I don’t yet know her very well, I get the sense that she’s bold and compassionate, and that the article she shares below is just a tiny taste of what she has to say in the world.

Please welcome the AWESOME Sue Kearney!  

Photo credit: From an article on DIY crafts on ApartmentTherapy.com, attributed to Heather Hackett, astrological symbols added by Sue

Have you ever noticed how there’s a sometimes maddening and unpredictable ebb and flow to your creative inspiration and output? You’re not alone. Besides our own individual rhythms, expansions and contractions, we are influenced by things bigger than ourselves as well. Like the movement of the planets.

Yes, dear one, we’re in another Mercury retrograde.

Just the facts: This Mercury retrograde (Rx) is in Leo, started July 15th, turns direct August 8th (back to its normal pace by August 20th).

We’ve been here before. Because Mercury, ruler of all things related to communication and technology, often heaps broken devices, dead batteries, lost files on us during its retrograde periods, we tend to think that things gone haywire are all a retrograde is about.

There’s a juicy positive side to these retrogrades as well.

When a planet goes retrograde — which means it appears to be stopping and then moving backward in its path — is the time when we want to focus on the re- words: rethinking, revising, reviewing, redoing, restarting, reorganizing, reconnecting and (ta-da!) reflecting.

This particular Mercury Rx, in the sign of Leo, kindles our inner fire, our passionate creativity. Sink down, lean into, your inner authority. Connect your mind to your heart, your thinking process to your inner fire and joy. Acknowledge yourself and appreciate yourself for what you’re good at, what you love about yourself, and express it—in your words, in your actions, in your art. Leo is passionate and creative, making this a particularly good time to reconnect to your inspired creative endeavors.

Mercury retrogrades occur every three months or so, giving us a chance to reflect on what we’ve learned during the months previous. A chance to process the information we’ve received, and reflect on what we’ve learned. An opportunity to tap into our inner dialogue.

Going forward, you can leverage these retrogrades by being aware of them before they’re coming. The week before, as Mercury is slowing down, look for a heightened awareness of issues involving communication, listening, speaking, buying, selling, transportation, short trips, shipping, signing contracts.

During a Mercury Rx, think about curtailing negotiations and big purchases in favor of reflecting and planning what’s calling to be expressed, getting more in touch with your inner life. Connect with old friends, and old clients, and rekindle relationships.

If you are a Gemini or a Virgo, or have Gemini or Virgo rising, Mercury Rxs may have big impact for you, because Mercury is your ruling planet, so these times of review and reflection are important opportunities for you.

But wait! There’s more!

Uranus—the planet that represents our higher mind, our ideas, insights, intuition, is also in retrograde!

The facts: Uranus is retrograde in Aries July 13–December 13

If we think of Mercury as our everyday mind (all that technology and communication), we can think of Uranus as our soul-level mind. Big-picture, life-path stuff. Uranus is also knows as the planet of surprise. Hold on to your hat, gorgeous!

What a combination! We get to dwell in the deep awareness of both our everyday mind (Mercury) and our higher mind (Uranus) at the same time. We get to sink into the questions:
• How do we want to free ourselves?
• Where can we be more expressive?
• What unique creations are calling to be brought forth?

One way this is manifesting for me is in a new guerrilla art project. I’m making beautiful—and completely anonymous—pastel and acrylic signs and tear-off sheets full of loving affirmations and just leaving them in unexpected places (taking pictures as I do). I’m still in stealth mode (guerrilla art, remember?) so I can’t show you any images yet. Once I have placed all the ones I have created I will be sharing the adventures in a blogpost. If you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll get notified of the article when it goes up. Why not jump in? You can always unsubscribe if it doesn’t make you smile and touch your heart.

How are you feeling this? What creations are being called forth from your pen, or brush, or cauldron? Please share your own story in the comments.



Sue Kearney is Chief Inspiration Officer at Magnolias West, a coaching, branding and web design practice. She is a dancer, DJ, artist, gardener, cook, and a maker of kombucha, sauerkraut and herbal medicines. Sue is a student of astrology, tarot, and a practitioner and facilitator of women’s spirituality.

Sue coaches women in business who want to reconnect with and fully express their juicy audacity without losing what makes them successful. She offers a Self-Love Coaching program designed to help bring back the magic in all areas of life, as well as a Brand Refresher Review, where women in business can fully and beautifully unmask the brand that reflects the heart and soul of their business. Contact Sue at Magnolias West. You can also read and comment on her blog, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


  1. Lisa says:

    Sue, thank you for joining in our circle, and for making sense of the retrograde, which can be confusing for many of us… I’ve been certainly feeling it with the recent surge of energy to finish my book, and am delighted to hear about and experience the positive aspects of mercury going into retrograde! I would LOVE to hear more about how it affects your creative cycles…. and more about this guerrilla art project you are conjuring up… it sounds wonderful!


  2. Thanks, Lisa, for this opportunity! I’m honored. I will keep you posted, and I want to hear how the book completion goes.

    Love and light,

  3. Tanya says:

    Sue-thanks for your podt. I also feel pulled to complete my book and reflect further on my blog identity. I spent the last three weeks on vacation visiting old friends and moving from grief staining my life to what energizes and sustains me. Be well and keep creating. Blessings always.

  4. Tanya, Holding space for you as you move through the grief and stand for your creative completions.

    Blessed be!

    Love and light,

  5. Hi Sue,

    Fascinating info on retrograde. Didn’t realize that. Love your guerilla art project. I wrote some notes for Hannah Brencher’s More Love Letters and really like this movement to make the day of folks who might need to find such a piece of artwork.

    I’ve been on a campaign to do good in the world. Really fun!

    Thanks, G. Fellow Blog Hullaballoer.

  6. Giulietta, what a lovely name!,

    Hello fellow hullabaloo-er. I love the way you put it, spot on!—making the day of folks who might need some inspiration. [happy sigh]

    You’ve brightened my day (and the last two hours have been painfully challenging), so thanks!

    Love and light,

  7. Jalene Case says:

    Hey Sue,
    This explains why I’m leaning into reviewing my business this weekend and reflecting on how I will use it as a vehicle to do good work in our world. I had never considered Mercury retrograde as a time of re-words — I like it. I’m also a Virgo so it’s even more important for me to take advantage of these times. All good stuff — thanks for sharing!

  8. Jalene, it’s so much better to have a sense of the good of the retrogrades. Helps balance the miscommunications, broken technology, etc that comes along with…

    Love and light,

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