I choose this…

 Welcome to the GREAT BIG SUMMERTIME BLOG HULLABALOO, an intimate and sometimes vulnerable celebration of the human spirit.  I like to imagine us all sitting in a circle together, perhaps around a crackling fire….  bearing witness to one another’s stories that display such breadth of courage, tenacity, and hope.  We are winding this year’s celebration now…  thank you all for being such wonderful witnesses and story-tellers!

Last summer, today’s guest shared an amazing piece about MOXIE….  this year, she uses that moxie and opens herself to the questions, and allows herself to choose the things that breathe hope, magic, resilience into her life.  Please welcome my dear friend, Hali Karla~  she is a huge source of inspiration for me as I watch her bringing energy to new projects and new offerings.  She is indeed one of the most open-hearted people I know, and I learn a great deal from how she moves with flow and trusts that all will lead her to exactly where she needs to be…    



CONFESSION: I’ve been putting off writing this post because something in me has changed, transformed, been AWAKENED this summer. I haven’t talked about it too much. I thought the words would come… a way to express with some clarity just what that’s about – because it’s juicy good, and more than a bit uncomfortable, and all that other stuff that could make a really inspiring post as we explore how to stay engaged with our creative wild sides in the face of adversity and the profane.

But I don’t have any poetic wise words for this story that is still unfolding and fresh – and there’s no happy ending to share because it’s ongoing. I’m living it.

What there is, though, are breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs everywhere in my life, like messages of guidance just waiting to be seen, lying right in front of me.

And there are Choices.

Lisa asked us a powerful question for this series– What do you choose?

So, today I write free-flow from my heart for you…

I Choose THIS

I choose to slow down and take a look around – especially when I feel urgent.

I choose to SEE.

I then choose to follow the breadcrumbs of my life,
noticing the patterns as they reveal themselves to me,
leaving a gesture of gratitude.

I choose {to see} a meaning-full life in exactly what is before me…
tears, mess, clutter, laughter, space, shadow, traffic, pain, joy, solitude….

I choose to live my Truth, at my rhythm, even when I don’t fully understand it myself.

I choose to not be afraid of risking it all for the chance to do so,
because my most profound, direct experiences have come through my own unique
amalgamation of creative perspectives percolating in this miraculous body~spirit.

I choose Faith. Communion. Relationship. Love.

More and more I choose the fierce tenderness of power that comes from Women Gathering, as they are.

I choose to look into the eyes that meet mine and hold them, softly, just a bit longer than expected.

I choose to give hugs.

I choose my body as a temple of service, and my intuition as the prayer to repeat.

I choose my Voice to help me navigate and fully receive that which I need.

I choose to keep walking toward the mystery, with all its spirited questions and paradoxes…
To get my hands in it
To put my beating heart in it
To let fall rivers of tears, as they come
that I might later swim in unfettered joy
and Truly present

to feel again the current of ever-present connection and the promise of THIS…

That every moment, THIS moment
is a chance to choose a lens –
a lens that sees, even in the landscape of the tragic and unknown,
a mountain of Love nestled in a valley of Trust.

I choose to move toward the mountain,
through the quiet of the valley,
with my small acts of truth and gestures of devotion.

I choose THIS.



About Hali:   Hali Karla is a holistic artist & {nurse} healer in Asheville, North Carolina, supporting others in the navigation of their intuitive rhythms of creativity, relationship and body, as potent pathways to enhancing all facets of life and experience – body, mind, spirit, place, energy. She is a truth-seeking advocate for the transformative power of wholehearted Presence and collective wisdom, holding circles and workshops for women, and offering glimpses into her own practice and contemplations at www.HaliKarla.com





  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you for joining me again this year, Hali!! I love this declaration of what you choose…. every ounce of me resonates with it.

    This I love: “To let fall rivers of tears, as they come that I might later swim in unfettered joy”…


  2. Kim Mailhot says:

    This is a powerful and beautiful manifesto of life and ‘real’ living! I see many of my own choices in this and feel even more empowered to declare them, lovingly and bravely!
    Thank you, Lisa and Hali, for all the encouragement and authenticity that you share with the world.

  3. Rene says:

    I love this, Hali and Lisa. Thanks!

  4. hali says:

    Thank you, Lisa, so much for sharing your beautiful space! It is an honor to sit in this hullabaloo circle with such wise women! Kim, I’m so glad you felt empowerment for your own life in the spirit of these words – that’s what it’s all about – sharing our true selves to hold each other up. Rene – I’m so glad you stopped by and that it resonated with you, too. Bless!

  5. cynthia Lee says:

    Hali … as always, beautiful, pierce-my-soul, words … salvation words.
    I choose….
    breathe … listen … repeat …
    I choose …
    and again.

    Thank you.

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