spring awakening

Pyrography is a fancy word for wood burning…  meaning “writing from fire,” from the Greek pur (fire) and graphos (writing).

When I was pregnant with my daughter some years ago, I wandered into the local craft shop and on a whim and bought a cheap woodburning pen. I was hooked immediately and experimented on whatever I could find, including furniture and scrap wood I found in my garage. I was tantalized by the sweet smell of the smoke, (it reminded me of campfires), and the steady, meditative rhythm of using the pen.

 Since then, I have pyrographed many different kinds of wood, including pine, maple, cherry, birch, oak, driftwood, and even old beat-up wood scraps that I am able to recognize potential within.  I love to allow the bumps and grooves of the wood to guide me in telling its own story.  After each design is burnt into the wood, most of my pieces are painted with acrylic paint, often watered down into a stain-like consistency that allows the grain of the wood to subtly peer through the colors.

Most of these pieces have been sold…  but there are a few that are available.  Click on the images below for more information.  Due to the inherent texture of this work, I do not offer prints of my pyrographic art.

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