I’m so honored that you’ve come to visit my little slice of the universe.

My name is Lisa Rough (pronounced as it’s spelled, like rough-around-the-edges, which I suppose I am!), and I am a TRIBE BUILDER, dream incubator, mIsChIeVoUs MuSe, wild woman, and self-taught artist and writer living in the mountains of North Carolina.


Way too many people I know won’t dare to pick up a crayon or paintbrush for fear of not being good enough.  They somehow think that creativity is an elusive talent, one that is born to the lucky few from an artistic gene pool or years and thousands of dollars invested in art school.   But when we approach life with such a limited story of what it means to be creative, we belittle the VERY FOUNDATION of who we are, the part of ourselves that has the power to make meaning, create positive change, bring life to wild imaginings, and trust in our own SOVEREIGNTY.

So you see, to me it’s not about being right or wrong or good or bad.  It’s about the SACRED EXPRESSION of that very unique and authentic place in ourselves that is like no one else.  It’s about making up our own rules, drawing out our own maps, and living from the inside out.

It’s my ongoing vision to awaken folks to their WILD, creative side, so that they are able to regard every moment of their lives as empowered and miraculous.  I do this through working primarily with women in circles and some individually,  providing playful artistic explorations, journaling adventures, yoga for all bodies, opportunities for connection based in truth, deep spiritual nourishment, and an objective, listening ear.

When it all comes down to it, I think if we all trusted in the creative process, together, we could change the world.


~ I have a master’s degree in counseling and psychology with a generous helping of wholistic studies and expressive arts.

~ I have worked with a wide range of people, including preschoolers, troubled youth, traumatized adults, inner-city populations, and elders, and consider them all my students AND my teachers.

~ I have participated in outdoor educational programs and incorporate my love of nature and the significance of place into much of what I teach.

~ I was once a licensed massage therapist and am currently a certified yoga teacher, and believe that our bodies have much to teach us about surrender, radical self-care, stretching beyond what we think we’re capable of, and unconditional love.

~ I have made soulful art that is held in private collections all over the world.

~ I have developed and facilitated oodles of art parties, creativity workshops, retreats, and circle gatherings over the years, and deliver inspiring and experiential talks and trainings to private groups.

~ I am currently writing my first book! (Woohoo!)

~I am a mom and have cultivated loads of compassion and humor from my relationships with my children.

~ I am a work in progress just like everybody else, which enables me to dwell in profound CURIOSITY and anticipation of whatever possibilities await me around the next bend.



Phone: (828) 776-0060
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LisaRough


“Lisa is Big Love with an equally big brain and a vast wealth of training and experience to back it all up. She’s a wonderful facilitator who helps you feel safe enough to go deep, have fun, and let go. Her processes will lead you to new insights that will blow you away.  Do yourself a favor and work with her. You will thank me!”

~Jennifer Louden bestselling author  (www.JenniferLouden.com)


“I am so glad that I have Lisa in my life.  It has been the greatest investment in moving toward the life I dream of living.  I can see the huge steps that I have taken with her by my side, and am confident that embracing change is possible because of our work together.”

~Ashley Inzer designer  (www.AshleyInzer.com)


“Lisa has changed my life in gentle but very dramatic ways. Her ability to use art as a mechanism for helping people to understand themselves is intuitive and strong.”

~Cinnamon Kennedy producer (www.FarmersFilm.com)



“Lisa invites you in and wraps you in belief in yourself and the power of clay, paint, pen, glitter, and the loving support of the Feminine. What I want to bring into my life is held as a valuable and cherished dream that I brought into this world with me but somehow forgot along the way–  until now.”

~Terry Smith counselor



“Lisa has inspired me to put aside my self-doubt so I could allow my creativity to flow not only into my art, but also into my life.  Her compassion, patience, and gentle (yet honest) nature helped me to get to the root of my truth.”

~Amy VanScoter

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